Fitness trainers, skating coaches, clubs, and rinks can become CERTIFIED with the ICERSIZE program.  Certified ICERSIZE  instructors and officials are trained on how to run the EXACT ICERSIZE PROGRAM while also being able to alter certain aspects to make it their own unique class.  PLUS, you get a website page and have your information listed on the ICERSIZE database.

Training and seminars includes the following and much more:

  • Personalized instruction on all ICERSIZE routines and techniques.
  • How to market your ICERSIZE fitness program locally.
  • How to become an ICERSIZE Fitness trainer.
  • How to set up the class and run it at your rink considering your demographics.
  • How to add variety to the existing ICERSIZE routines as your skaters advance and get stronger.
  • How to increase the level of difficulty and challenge your skaters for the ultimate workout.
  • How to choose the most effective music for your class.

Instructor Certification

Ice Rink / Club Registration

1) Why should I become certified /registered?
ICERSIZE encourages everyone to become a certified instructor. Certification lends credibility to your class and lets people know that you take your fitness program seriously!  It also allows people to easily find you on the ICERSIZE website database. Rinks and Clubs who are registered will also be listed on the website database and can access and download marketing and instructional materials that are relevant to the program at any time.

ICERSIZE specifically targets health and fitness and is a great way to get people who have never skated onto the ice. The program utilizes behavioral reinforcement techniques that are super important for success!  Also, the ICERSIZE program can be used for hockey and figure skaters alike and can be incorporated into school and university programs.

2) What kinds of certification does ICERSIZE offer?

There are 2 levels of certification:  ICERSIZE  Level 1  and ICERSIZE Level 2 – Advanced

Basic Technique elements that will be evaluated for certification:

The application process for this certification is strictly on an individual basis.  Applicants will receive one-on-one critique and evaluation from an official ICERSIZE trainer.  Applicants will review the Basic Technique instructional segment of the Level 1 and Level 2 DVD. Participants will learn how to instruct the following elements:

  • Proper attire and skate equipment
  • Proper basic skating and standing position
  • How to get up from a fall
  • How to try and prevent a fall
  • Forward marching and gliding
  • Two foot & One foot glide
  • Squats /Dips
  • Forward stroking
  • Changing direction while gliding
  • Swizzles- forward and backward
  • Wiggles
  • Slaloms
  • Holding outside and inside edges
  • Forward Pumping on a Circle
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Backward Pumping on a circle
  • Snow plow stops

 1.   ICERSIZE  Instructor

Prerequisite:  Purchase of ICERSIZE Level 1 DVD.

2.     ICERSIZE  Instructor – Advanced 

Prerequisite:  Purchase of ICERSIZE Level 1 & 2 DVD.

4.     ICERSIZE  Trainer

Instructors who have demonstrated expert knowledge in all aspects of the ICERSIZE program have the opportunity to apply to become an ICERSIZE Trainer (IT).  Trainers go through an individual application process and may become independent contractors or consultants for ICERSIZE. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis.


3) What does it cost?

ICERSIZE works with you and your budget to make your program a success! Submit a contact request form for more information.

4)  How can I get certified or registered?

Application for certification can be done digitally or by contacting ICERSIZE directly to arrange a seminar at your rink. Start by submitting a contact request form for more information!

For more information contact:


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